Cost of Sponsorship

The families we will be sponsoring have been stripped of their livelihoods, and are seeking to regain the sense of security and dignity that we all have a right to experience and enjoy.

In order to practically assist our families in getting back on their feet, Better Together is seeking to raise $250,000. That’s one year of support for each of the families we sponsor. Here’s how that breaks down:


  • A budget for the year was created by our finance committee, which included a careful and reasonable assessment of the cost of living in our area. We estimate that family of four will need about $42,000 over the course of their first year in Canada.
  • The Canadian government subsidizes approximately $8,000 towards the sponsorship through the Resettlement Assistance Program. This income support is paid directly to the families over the course of 6 months. We will assist them in applying for this funding once they arrive, and they are eligible to receive it in months 2-7 of the sponsorship.
  • Based on the government’s contributions, our group intends to raise $34,000, per sponsored family.

Through Better Together, 100% of funds raised goes directly to supporting families during their crucial first year.